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Information industry major growth driver in Zhejiang province

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: December 18, 2015 L M S


A woman scans a code to rent a bike in Wuzhen, Dec 12, 2015. A total of 26 bicycle rental systems are spread throughout the town, people can help themselves to rent bikes by scanning two-dimensional codes. [Photo/Xinhua]

Thanks to the fast development of the Internet Plus economy and the boom of the Internet-based start-ups, information sector has become an important impetus driving forward industrial growth in East China's Zhejiang province, said an official with the province's economy and Internet technology authority.

Zhejiang is home to 40,000 newly launched Internet companies and has a total of 258,000 Internet firms, including such big names as Amazon, Tencent and JD, said Wu Junqing, deputy director of Zhejiang Province Commission of Economy and Internet Technology, at a press conference for the Second World Internet Conference on Tuesday.

Internet-based information sector has become a new growth point with the fast growth of new industries like Internet-based finance, cloud computing and big data, and the output value of the information industry in the city has topped 100 billion yuan ($15.47 billion), said Lin Jiandong, mayor of Jiaxing city, where Wuzhen is located.

Zhejiang is also home to one of China's four future science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship bases.