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AERO Asia unveils flight show itinerary


Updated: 2023-10-27

A pilot dialogue for the upcoming 2023 AERO Asia was held on Oct 24, marking the 30-day countdown to the event's opening. Pilot representatives of four participating teams introduced the highlights of their flight performances and maneuvers through online and offline channels.

Co-organized by Zhuhai Airshow China and Germany-based AERO Friedrichshafen, AERO Asia will take place at Jinwan's Zhuhai International Airshow Center from Nov 23 to 26. 

During the expo, there will be daily flight performances totaling 70 minutes, as well as demonstrations of prototype drones and helicopters, allowing visitors to experience the charm of both domestic and foreign flight teams up close.

About a week before the show, four flight teams will arrive at the Zhuhai International Airshow Center and undergo flight training.

The Ministry of Transport's Nanhai No 1 Rescue Flying Service, known as the "South China Sea Eagle," is the only national professional maritime airborne rescue force in the southern waters of China. They have participated in numerous major tasks, such as flood relief, typhoon rescues, and emergency support.

The team's captain, Chen Xiankai, said that the team will perform medical rescues and share their stories of overcoming strong winds during rescue operations.


A dazzling performance is staged by the European Flyby Knights aerobatic team. [File photo courtesy WeChat account: zhuhaifabu]

The European Flyby Knights aerobatic team, established in 2019, is a professional aerobatic display team that is composed of British and French pilots. This team has performed in more than 20 countries. 

AERO Asia will be their first performance in China. Pilot John Dodd shared his experience of becoming a top-level pilot through a video, expressing great anticipation for the show in Zhuhai next month. 

The team plans to create a smoke trail in the shape of two overlapping hearts to show their love for the audience. They will also perform maneuvers such as somersaults in a tightly knit diamond formation at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour (186 mph), creating a stunning visual effect.

The Shanhe aerobatic team, established in 2014, is the first sports aircraft display team in China. During this year's AERO Asia, the team is expected to fly domestically-produced Arora SA60L single-engine, two-seater aircraft.

Of note, AERO Asia has attracted over 200 aviation and unmanned aerial vehicle industry chain companies from nearly 20 countries and regions to participate. They include the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Singapore. There will also be more than 80 static and dynamic aircraft exhibited at the event. 

During the event, nearly 20 conferences and forums will be held, as well as professional matchmaking events in areas such as career development, investment and financing, and enterprise roadshows. 

These activities are aimed at providing a professional platform for exhibitors, investment and financing institutions, professional visitors, and trade delegations. They will also attract more general aviation companies to settle in Zhuhai while also promoting the high-quality development of Zhuhai's aviation industry and low-altitude economy.



1st AERO Asia gets ministerial approval for Nov opening

​The first AERO Asia was recently approved by the Ministry of Commerce to take place at Jinwan's Zhuhai International Airshow Center from Nov 23 to 26, becoming the only professional exhibition on general aviation in China to be organized in collaboration with a Germany-based enterprise.

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