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Campaign to attract global young talents starts in Zhuhai


Updated: 2023-10-18

Zhuhai's 2023 talent attraction campaign, a collaboration effort between Zhuhai and the Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin, kicked off at the Macau University of Science and Technology on Oct 14.

This year's event, spanning three months, will cover more than 70 colleges and universities in over 20 domestic and overseas cities. Both the number of recruitment routes and universities abroad has reached a record high.

Over 100 leading enterprises in Zhuhai will provide more than 5,000 high-quality positions for the event, of which the highest annual salary is 1.35 million yuan ($184,694), while more than 200 teaching positions at 16 schools will be also available, as well as 258 positions in 12 hospitals.

The city's Party and government offices are scheduled to introduce 100 outstanding doctorate-degree holders from well-known universities at home and abroad within the next five years and train a group of leading cadres and technical personnel that are in short supply. The Practice Project for Outstanding Young Talents from Global Prestigious Colleges and Universities will carry out a two-week activity combining cross-border city awareness and high-quality job practice.


Students line up in front of booths to ask for details about jobs and drop off resumes during the event in Macao. [Photo courtesy WeChat account: zhuhaifabu]

Moreover, a subsidy of up to 100 million yuan ($13.68 million) will be granted to high-level innovation and entrepreneurship teams and projects that are introduced to Zhuhai, along with full-chain services like providing industry 5.0 spaces and a 30-billion-yuan ($4.11-billion) industrial development fund.

For high-caliber talents, a maximum of 8 million yuan ($1.1 million) will be rewarded, as well as a 50-percent discount on purchasing a well-furnished house of up to 200 square meters (2,153 sq ft). Doctorate-degree holders can receive up to 250,000 yuan ($34,304) in living allowance, a 50-percent discount when buying a home, and a 40-percent discount when renting a well-furnished house of up to 120 sq m. Those with a master's degree or an undergraduate degree can enjoy a maximum living allowance of 38,000 yuan ($5,206).

In addition, talents who settle in Zhuhai can enjoy conveniences in children's education, spousal employment, and free stays at hotel-style talent stations for up to seven days.

"I have learned from my senior schoolmates who are venturing into businesses in Zhuhai that the city has many policies to support young entrepreneurs and job seekers from Hong Kong and Macao. I also hope to work in Zhuhai in the future," said Lin Haoxin, a young person from Macao and a finance major at Jinan University. He also expressed hope to learn more about enterprises and positions through the event and better plan his future career.

Zhang Xiaoqing, a young Macao student majoring in mathematics and application at the University of Macau, also plans to work on the Chinese mainland in the future. "There are plenty of job opportunities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area," she said. "I gained experience in operations and data management during my internship, and hope to work in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, or Zhuhai after graduation."

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