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City Balcony


Updated: 2023-05-15

The business complex, rooftop sightseeing platform, and Shuixiu Square of City Balcony opened in Decemberr 2021 at the site of the former Qiaoyuan Hotel on the border between Jida and Old Xiangzhou.

Overlooking Xianglu Bay off Central Lovers Avenue, the new landmark is north of Haibin Park and south of the Fisher Maiden Statue. Visitors can walk laterally from North Haibin Road onto the sea-view platform atop the two-story complex. There are unobstructed views of Xianglu Bay to the east, Jingshan Park to the west, and Zhuhai Opera House on Yeli Island. Boardwalks will also take in a vista including the renovated Wanghai (Seaview) Pavilion and other attractions.

City Balcony's business complex has two aboveground floors for tourism and catering services and an underground parking level for 301 vehicles. 


City Balcony on Xianglu Bay between Lovers Avenue and Haibin Road, and fronting Shijing Mountain [Photo by Ye Qiuming / Guanhai App]


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