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Hengqin expedites border clearance with Macao to promote high-quality economic development


Updated: 2023-02-01

"Management of the cooperation zone in Hengqin is currently accelerating the implementation of the import and export management system, which features the free flow of cargo through the national border, efficient control of the flow between free-trade and non-free-trade zones, and the implementation of policies that facilitate entry and exit. We are working towards the goals of a physical special customs-supervised zone and a financial information security network," said Fu Yongge, member of the Hengqin Working Committee of the CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee and deputy director of the Executive Committee of the Guangdong-Macao In-depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin.


On the morning of January 28, Guangdong Provincial High-Quality Development Conference was held. Attendees of this conference depicted a blueprint for the high-quality development of Guangdong's economy and mobilizing the entire province to accelerate inputs in high-quality development. In the afternoon, Fu Yongge, on behalf of the cooperation zone, announced the progress made since the inauguration and offered details on the road map for the future during the first concurrent session.

Fu Yongge commented, “In 2022, the total tax revenue of the Zone was 35.39 billion yuan, and the number of Macao-funded businesses in the Zone reached 5,323. The preliminary results have been achieved in the development of the Zone in terms of extensive consultation, joint contribution, industrial diversification, and collaboration of Hengqin and Macao."

As expressed during the announcement, in more than a year since the inauguration of the Zone, there has been sufficient innovative and entrepreneurial momentum, and high-capacity platforms, such as the Guangdong-Macao Integrated Circuit Design Industrial Park, Guangdong-Macao Joint Laboratory of Advanced Intelligent Computing, 26 national and provincial science and technology innovation platforms, and 335 national high-tech companies, have been established. The industry support system is basically in place, and industry development is on the rise with good momentum. 


"In 2023, the Zone will implement three major projects that involve industrial development, regulatory convergence, and livelihood integration to promote the high-quality development of the economy," added Fu Yongge, deputy director of the Executive Committee of the Guangdong-Macao In-depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin. Fu also mentioned that the Zone will implement a targeted "special industry introduction project", and actively build a new industry linkage development model of "Macao as platform + international resources + Hengqin space + results sharing". These features will assist Macao and Zhuhai to cooperate in the acceleration of the construction of the Guangdong Provincial Laboratory of Traditional Chinese Medicine and jointly organize delegations with Macao and Zhuhai to Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, and Portuguese-speaking countries to attract investment.

Meanwhile, the Zone will gradually implement a "cross-border flow of production factors project", complete the hardware and software facilities for "separate management", pilot "non-contact" fast exit and entry for certain personnel, cooperate in the construction of the financial information security network, and facilitate Macao residents involved in the "Macao New Neighborhood" project to use the internet and view overseas TV channels.

Additionally, the Zone will accelerate the implementation of the "In-depth Integration of People's Livelihoods Project", facilitate the completion of the "Macao New Neighborhood" project within the year, implement various Macao standard public services and social welfare support, and enact policies for Macao students studying in the Zone to enjoy the same education benefits as local students in Macao, such as allowances for tuition and textbook. Furthermore, Macao youth, who are working and starting an enterprise in the Zone, will be able to enjoy the support policies of both Guangdong and Macao.

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