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Colorful festive events to take place during Spring Festival


Updated: 2023-01-17

Hundreds of cultural, tourism, and sports activities will take place citywide in Zhuhai during the upcoming Spring Festival holiday, which will run from Jan 21 to 27, to create a festive, happy, and healthy atmosphere. 

Venues such as the Zhuhai Library, Zhuhai Museum, and Zhuhai Museum of Art will present 31 exhibitions, showcasing art works featuring Spring Festival elements. Xiangzhou, Jinwan, and Doumen districts, the Zhuhai National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone (Tangjiawan), and some Zhuhai islands will organize interactive cultural events themed around film screening, dragon dances, and calligraphy. 


Children try out paper cutting for the upcoming Spring Festival [Photo courtesy Guanhai App]

The Zhuhai Library will also hold activities online such as lantern riddle activities, while the Xiangzhou District Civic Arts Center will make full use of online platforms to organize a talent competition. 

In addition, tourist attractions such as Zhuhai Chimelong International Ocean Resort, Lionsgate Entertainment World, and Sumlodol Hengqin Camping Town in Hengqin will launch cultural tourism events to boost consumption, allowing residents and visitors to enjoy the charm of Zhuhai as a "city of youth and vitality.”

At the ancient Huitong Village in Tangjiawan, entertainment events such as lion dances, paper cutting, bamboo weaving, and lantern riddles will be held. Elsewhere in Doumen's Lianjiang Village, visitors can take a 6.2-km (3.9-mile) bike ride around the village or participate in more than 10 folk custom activities.

The renovated ancient village in Doumen Town's Xiazhou Village will start trial operation on Jan 22 with 37 distinctive stores. Boosting a history of more than 300 years, it was built during the region of Emperor Qianlong (1711-99) of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). The renovation took nearly six months and managed to protect the village's original appearance. 

At Green Fingers Organic Farm in Jinwan, parents can bring their children to try out pottery making and plant flowers or vegetables. Meanwhile, a 5-m-high (16-ft-high) rabbit sculpture will be set up at the central square of Doumen's Lingnan Dadi Ecological Resort for visitors to take pictures with. Activities such as fishing, barbeque, and karaoke will also be available at the Zhuhai Yitian Agricultural Park in Jinwan. 

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