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Huangyang River's green belt featured in Guangdong's Top 11 list


Updated: 2022-12-12

The green belt alongside the Huangyang River in Doumen District has been selected as one of the Top 11 Most Ecological Green Belts of Guangdong Province. The list was released after rounds of exhibitions, online voting, and expert reviews, stated officials of Zhuhai Water Affairs Bureau on Dec 8.

The 7.2-kilometer (4.5-mile) green belt is located in Jing'an Village. It starts from the flood discharge channel at Nanjiang Road and ends at Wufu River, connecting 13 interesting tourist attractions and urban parks alongside the river.


A flock of egrets relaxing by the green belt alongside the Huangyang River [Photo courtesy Guanhai App]

Landscapes alongside the river feature unique themes such as ecology + hydrology, culture + history, high-quality living environment, "smart" economy, and mechanical construction + sightseeing experience.

The green belt has now become a distinctive ecological leisure area featuring ecological sightseeing spots, science popularization zones, and exercise areas. 

As of the end of 2021, Zhuhai has built 123 km (76 miles) of green belts citywide, providing ideal places for people to enjoy their leisure time.  

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