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Sightseeing buses to hit road in Hengqin floss silk blooming season


Updated: 2022-12-09

Sightseeing buses running from Gongbei Checkpoint to Rest Station 5 of the Hengqin Flower Corridor will start temporary operation tomorrow and run until Jan 3 including on weekends and over the New Year holiday.

The Hengqin Flower Corridor has a 6-km (4-mile) sightseeing belt of 4,700 floss silk (ceiba speciosa) trees, stretching from the Rest Station 1 to Rest Station 3. The trees have now been in full bloom since November.


An aerial view of the floss silk tree sightseeing belt of Hengqin Flower Corridor [Photo by Chen Jiazhe / Guanhai App]

The sightseeing buses will operate from 9 am to 5 pm. Stops en route include the Wanzai Ferry Terminal, Flower Corridor rest stations 1, 2, and 3, and Hengqin Mangzhou Wetland Park.

Visitors who plan to take the sightseeing buses need to buy tickets on WeChat account "珠海观光巴士" (zhggbus). Ticketed passengers are able to take the bus within 24 hours with unlimited times and can also transit to the Lovers Avenue sightseeing buses.



Hengqin Flower Corridor enhanced for leisure pleasures

​Camp sites and recreational facilities have been added to Hengqin Flower Corridor along with miniature exhibits, a vast lawn, and flower garden to provide visitors with outdoor enjoyment and picturesque scenery.

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