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Close-up look at simulation of Tiangong space station at Airshow China


Updated: 2022-11-10

The 1:1 simulated exhibition of China's space station brought by the China Academy of Space Technology during the ongoing 14th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition (Airshow China) is an ideal place for people to have an immersive experience with China's latest manned spaceflight technologies. 

The Tianhe core, Wentian and Mengtian lab modules are displayed in a T-shaped layout at Exhibition Hall 7 of the Zhuhai International Air Show Center in Jinwan. Visitors with reservations are allowed to enter the Tianhe core and Wentian lab modules.

The space station has a total activity space of more than 110 cubic meters and has two exit hatches for taikonauts and an airlock cabin for cargo. Offering six sleeping areas and two restrooms, the station is able to accommodate three astronauts over long periods and six people over short-term stays. 

Lots of handrails are installed on the walls of Tianhe core module to help taikonauts move in their weightless environment. Facilities such as refrigerators, microwaves, water dispensers, beds, and a separate toilet are available inside. The taikonauts can be seen eating fried noodles, black pepper beef, and rice dumplings.

Visitors can also see the laboratories and biological culture modules for growing space vegetables and fruit in the Tianhe core module.

Decorations featuring red Chinese knots are hung in the sleeping areas of the Wentian lab module, bringing the warmth of home to the taikonauts.



Simulation of China's space station an Airshow China highlight

​A simulated exhibition of China's space station, which mirrors the real one, has arrived at Exhibition Hall 7 of the Zhuhai International Air Show Center in Jinwan District, with pipeline network installation currently underway.

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