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Renovated Dolphin Bay a new Guishan Island tourist attraction


Updated: 2022-11-04

The restoration project of the 791-m (865-yd) coastline at Dolphin Bay on Guishan Island has been completed and passed expert review for further operation, officials of the Zhuhai Natural Resources Bureau announced on Nov 2.

Guishan Island is the most developed island of the Wanshan Archipelago and has the largest population, attracting numerous visitors every year. However, Dolphin Bay has been covered with sand and gravel in recent years due to the discarding of macadam from nearby quarries, as well as the combined action of waves, tides, and wind. 

Potential safety hazards were posed as the offshore area has a steep slope, while deep water and sand blown by the wind covered nearby roads and stairs. 


Dolphin Bay on Guishan Island after restoration [Photo courtesy Guanhai App]

The project won approval for construction in early 2021, as well as received a special fund of 16 million yuan ($2 million) from the province and 31 million yuan ($4 million) in total local finance support.

After two years of efforts, the project has restored a 32,000-sqm (7.9-acre) beach, built the 76-m (83-yd) south beach berm and 434-m (475-yd) east beach berm, as well as installed caution lights and buoys.

The project has effectively made up for the lack of beaches on Guishan Island, as well as provided a high-quality coastal tourism and leisure space for local residents and tourists. It is also expected to improve the overall value of the island's ecology, society, and economy, boosting the coordinated development of tourism and ecology construction. 

Officials of the Zhuhai Natural Resources Bureau put forward that continuous guidance will be offered to Guishan Town in beach management and shoreline stability monitoring, formulating more experiences for Zhuhai's shoreline renovation projects. 



Dolphin Bay Beach on Guishan Island restored by July

The beach at Dolphin Bay on Guishan Island will be restored by July to provide high-quality coastal leisure space and boost local tourism.

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