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Sanzao Chen's Papercutting


Updated: 2022-11-01


Chen Papercuts [Photo by Zhang Zhou / Guanhai App]

Sanzao Chen's Papercutting was developed from the traditional skills of Gaomi, a county-level city in eastern Shandong Province. According to historical records and the memory of inheritor Chen Jierong Chen's Papercutting inherits the immature shapes, simple style, and rigid lines of Gaomi techniques and mixes them with the delicate and vivid styles of southern China.

In addition, the Chen family also broke through the limitation of single-color paper-cutting and pioneered three-dimensional cutting. The creations expanded from traditional legends, mythical characters, animals, mountains, waters, flowers, and birds to modern architecture, thematic characters, and natural scenery.

Sanzao Chen's Papercutting was designated a minucipal-level intangible cultural heritage in June 2021.


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