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Airshow China: A Dream of Blue Sky

(Airshow China)

Updated: 2022-10-31

Zhuhai is a city of youth and vigor. It is the host city of Airshow China that carries a dream for the sky.

At the 1st Airshow China in November 1996, the J-8-II jet fighter, the Z-9 helicopter, the Y-12 general aircraft, and the Long March CZ-2E cluster carrier rocket were displayed.The Su-27 and Su-30 fighters and the IL-78 aerial refueling tanker performed in-flight fueling.

At the 2nd Airshow China in November 1998, Bayi Aerobatics Team made its debut.

At the 3rd Airshow China in November 2000, the WZ-9military attack helicopter premiered a mass-formation flyover.

At the 4th Airshow China in November 2002, the reentry capsule of Shenzhou-1 was for the first time on display.

At the 5th Airshow China in November 2004, the Russian Swifts aerobatic demonstration team performed at the show for the first time.

At the 6th Airshow China in November 2006, the Hongdu L-15 Falcon advanced trainer staged flying performance.

At the 7th Airshow China in November 2008, the J-10 jet fighter made its debut.The PLA Air Force attended the Airshow China in an all-round way for the first time.

At the 8th Airshow China in November 2010, the homemade KJ-200 early warning plane, J-10 jet fighter, and JH-7 fighter-bomber made a group appearance.

Since 1996, Airshow China has emerged to become one of  the world's top airshows after more than 20 years of development.

Since the 18th CPC National Congress in 2012, the Chinese nation has been marching firmly towards its dream of great rejuvenation.

In the past decade, Airshow China made a new blue print of the sky that witnessed the progress towards the realization of China Dream.

The 9th Airshow China in 2012

The WZ-10 and WZ-19 military attack helicopters soared into sky, signaling China's independent innovation in armed helicopters.

The 10th Airshow China in 2014

The Y-20 transporter and the FC31 fighter jet were unveiled to demonstrate the PLA Air Force's systematic capabilities.

The 11th Airshow China in 2016

The J-20 and Y-20 soared high, bringing the PLA Air Force into the "20 Era."

The main battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles performed off-road maneuvers, staging on a thrilling homemade ground equipment show .

The home-developed drones and full-range supersonic missiles opened a new stage at Airshow China for China defense.

The 12th Airshow China in 2018

A new generation of China's carrier rockets made a group debut,and the core module of China's space station Tianhe premiered.

The 13th Airshow China in 2021

The major equipment in China's manned space flight, Mars and Lunar Explorations, and the Beidou Navigation Satellite System were on display.

The rarely-seen lunar samples returned by Chang'e-5  became a spotlight at the show.

Airshow China has witnessed China's drive to build a strong defense capability.

As an important platform to showcase China's technological innovation achievements, it displays the country's advanced equipment and demonstrates its defense capabilities and overall national strength.

Airshow China has witnessed China's pursuit of rejuvenation.

It is a platform for international exchange and cooperation.

It covers all applications — the army, the navy, the air forces, the space, the electromagnetic combat force and cyber force.

It displays that "made in China" has been upgraded to "Innovated by China."

Airshow China is striving to premiere more "The world's No. 1" and "China's No. 1."

Dream chasers are young and energetic.

Airshow China, a showcase of  China Dream, connects Chinese aerospace with the world.

Chase the Dream for a Shared Future

The 14th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition

Zhuhai, China, November 8–13, 2022


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