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Progress made in Tangjiawan's Huafa industry 5.0 space


Updated: 2022-07-01

Construction of Area D of the Zhuhai Greater Bay Area (GBA) Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park and Phase II of the Big Data Center in the Zhuhai National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone (Tangjiawan) started on June 29.

Covering floorage of 612,000 sq m (151.2 acres), the two industrial spaces are among the first batch of projects to be constructed in the Huafa Scientific Innovation Industrial Park, a 950,000-sq-m (234.8-acre) industry 5.0 space in the Beiwei area of the Hi-Tech Zone. Constructed by State-owned Huafa Group, the facilities aim to support Zhuhai's "industry first" development strategy.

According to Fang Qinghai, executive vice president of Huafa Urban Operation, Huafa Group has made comprehensive improvements in the fields of professional design, construction technology, and supporting services for the industry 5.0 space project.


Design sketch of Big Data Center Phase II [Photo courtesy Zhuhai Daily]

A total of 24 plants with ultra-high standards will be constructed for the two projects, with their story height, load-bearing, elevator configuration, and power distribution load reaching the leading standards of general plants in China.

The projects' underground space will also be fully utilized. Area D of the GBA Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park is scheduled to encompass a 47,000-sq-m (11.6-acre) basement that can provide about 1,200 parking spaces.

The roofs will incorporate photovoltaic panels, which can generate about 8 million kWh of electricity annually and reduce carbon emissions by about 8,000 tons.

In addition, a variety of living facilities with one-stop services will be centrally arranged, including 55,000 sq m (13.6 acres) in dormitories of various types, a 6,000-sq-m (1.5-acre) canteen that can accommodate 4,000 people at the same time, as well as supermarkets, an indoor gym, and outdoor basketball courts.

Upon completion, they will support Tangjiawan in building a high-standard future sci-tech city and moving towards becoming a hi-tech zone with industrial output value over 100 billion yuan ($15 billion).

In addition, the upgrading and optimization of Huafa Scientific Innovation Industrial Park is currently in its final stage. Investment attraction work is also being promoted on the largest and most complete modern and intelligent industrial park existing in Zhuhai.

So far, the industrial park has contacted nearly 700 enterprises and reached cooperation intention agreements with over 230 enterprises, of which contracts have been signed with 117 enterprises, including Huawei Kunpeng and HopeRun Technology Corporation, according to Shi Xiaoxing, vice president of Huafa Real Industry Investment Holding.


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