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Updated: 2022-04-13

South Yingbin Road (Yingbin Nanlu) Commercial Area in Gongbei

Yingbin is adjacent to Gongbei Port, where hordes of shoppers, tourists, and logistics people gather. Main shopping facilities include Port Plaza, Mo Mall which houses big-name brands such as sports retailer Decathlon, Sa Sa cosmetics, and Cantonese restaurant Dim Dou Duk, and Yingbin Plaza. 

(Gongbei Port Plaza)

Adjacent to Macao, Gongbei Port Square is a main passageway for Macao people to enter the Chinese mainland. Gongbei Port Plaza beneath Gongbei Port Square is 250 m from east to west and 192 m in width. It covers a floor area of 112,800 sq m across three floors with 1,800 stores, boutiques and restaurants. It is a good place to shop and bargain for such everyday items as apparels, handbags, daily necessities, digital, and entertainment products. The mall also has a large underground parking lot.


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Fenghuang Road (Fenghuang Lu) Commercial Area in Xiangzhou

As a traditional shopping center with a century-long history, Fenghuang embraces a multitude of large shops and supermarkets, including Young Mix Plaza, Jusco Zhuhai Young Mix Plaza Store, Xiangzhou Department Store, Shangdu Department Store, Wanzaisha Computer Market, and Oxford Street in quaint European style.

(Young Mix Shopping Mall)  

Located on South Fenghuang Road in Old Xiangzhou, Young Mix Shopping Mall enjoys convenient transportation accessible by multiple direct buses. The Phase 1 building has seven floors covering a total area of 16,000 sq m. The ground floor features women's clothing, shoes, hats, cosmetics, and accessories. The second, third, and fourth floors contain Jusco supermarket -- a global top 500 enterprise. The rest floors retail a multitude of household and living appliances.

Phase 2 opened on April 30, 2015, with floor area of 100,000 sq m. It is home to various luxury brands and provides a one-stop retail and leisure experience with shopping, entertainment, and catering. Connected to Phase 1, it has become one of Zhuhai's top commercial malls integrating a department store, supermarket, restaurants, cinema, KTV, games, bookshop, and children's recreational facilities.


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Zijing Road (Zijing Lu) Commercial Area in Xiangzhou

As a prosperous commercial area in old Xiangzhou, Zijing has diversified industries and a multitude of commodities for sale. There one will find the A Best, MOI, and Tongda department stores catering to discerning, yet frugal, consumers.



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