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Tangjiawan-made camera a hit with 3D reconstruction industry


Updated: 2022-03-18

Zhuhai 4DAGE's self-developed real-time accurate 3D reconstruction collection equipment has been a hit in the country's 3D reconstruction industry due to its high-precision, yet low-cost indoor and underground positioning and navigation abilities.

The Ministry of Natural Resources released an announcement promoting the 3D reconstruction industry in late February. The Zhuhai company's new-generation 3D laser camera has been rapidly applied in sectors including digital city construction and gas pipe network surveying since its release.


4D vision of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge [Photo courtesy WeChat account: Service_4DAGE]

Cui Yan, founder of Zhuhai 4DAGE, noted the company based in the Zhuhai National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone (Tangjiawan) has been devoted to the localization, independent innovation, and controllable security of real-time accurate 3D reconstruction collection equipment, with the efforts to change the circumstances that over 90 percent of China's 3D collection and data processing equipment is imported. 

Being fast in data collecting, accurate in computing, and convenient in operation, the company's equipment only takes 30 seconds to collect data at one single-point location, which is over twice the current industrial average speed. Normally, data collection of a 1,500-sqm (16,146-sqft) space may take seven hours. However, this is shortened to three hours with 4DAGE's latest product. 

The company's equipment will help realize the digitalization transformation and upgrading of industries spanning museums, real estate, exhibitions, surveying and mapping, as well as building information modeling.

The maintenance and testing departments of gas pipelines are also one of the beneficiaries of 4DAGE's equipment, which can accurately collect the 3D data of gas stations, as well as outdoor overhead and indoor pipelines, preventing illegal alterations to gas pipelines to ensure the safe use of gas. 


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