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Guanyin Mt Country Park


Updated: 2022-03-01

The admission-free Guanyin Mt (观音山, Kwan-yin, Avalokitesvara) Country Park in the heart of Sanzao Town opened preliminarily on Feb 19, 2019 with a 7-km (4.35-mile) hiking trail and scenic photography opportunities.

A 4,000-sqm (1-acre) cherry blossom garden and 300-m (328-yd) cherry blossom avenue in the park opened to the public in early 2021. The trees planted are mainly Chinese independently cultivated variants such as Mountain China Red and Guangzhou Cherry. They thrive in the subtropical and tropical climates of South China and the rosy red and bright red flowers will blossom till March, according to the constructor Zhuhai Jinliang Eco-Environment.


Cherry blossoms at Guanyin Mt Country Park [Photo courtesy WeChat account: zhuhaijinwan]

Two 420-m (1,378-ft) rows of 280 trees stand 6 m (20 ft) apart west of a transformer substation. The terraced field has loose soil and gets ample sunlight. Footpaths and open spaces are available for flower admirers and photographers. Furthermore, there are views of Sanzao Town and Hengqin New Area from a 200-m (328-ft) peak.

The other 120 trees grow in two rows along Greenway A which stretches 200 m (656 ft) from the foot to the peak of the mountain. Turf-laying and road-paving are underway, and the entire project is to be completed by Jan 20.

Located north of Zhuhai (Jinwan) Airport in the central area of Sanzao, Guanyin Mt has lush vegetation and clear water. The park is crossed by the 3.9-km (2.4-mile) Huanglyubei Reservoir Greenway, and Greenways A, B, and C that total 8.5 km (5.3 miles). In addition to cherry trees, Greenways B and C are also landscaped.


Drive to Guanyin Mt Country Park (观音山郊野公园) using GPS navigation.

Buses No 201 or 504 to Huanglyubei (黄绿背) Stop, or Z101 to Jinhai'an (Golden Coast) Market (金海岸市场) Stop, then walk or ride shared bikes for 1,000 m (1,094 yd) to Guanyin Mt Country Park.


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