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Marriott Lingnan Dadi Delta Hotel


Updated: 2022-01-27

Delta Hotel by Marriott International has topped off 30 buildings at its first country garden resort hotel in China at the Lingnan Wonderland Eco-Resort National Rural Complex in Lanzhou Town, Doumen. A grand opening is predicted for 2023.

Lingnan Dadi Delta Hotel will have 210 rooms and large-scale conference, banquet, catering, and other facilities, creating an international-class Lingnan idyllic country resort hotel with high standards. The external walls have been painted and bids for interior design work will be solicited after Spring Festival, according to Zhuhai Lingnan Cultural Investment. 

The resort will cost 300 million yuan ($47 million) and be the only one of its kind in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Designed with a fusion of Lingnan (Cantonese) architectural style and Asian concepts of rivers, paddy fields, and mountains, the hotel has a floorage of 32,000 sqm (8 acres) along a water channel.


Rendering of Marriott Lingnan Dadi Delta Hotel [Photo by Zhang Fan / Zhuhai Daily]

Located in the State-level agricultural sci-tech Doumen Eco-Agriculture Park, the 11.77-sq-km (4.54 sq-mile) Lingnan Wonderland Eco-Resort spans Shilong Village with the Lingnan Dadi Ecological Resort; Dongwan, which is a flower-themed leisure village with Lingnan charm; and Xialan Village, a rural water town with Lingnan characteristics and rural health resort base. 

TCM-themed Herbal (Baicao) Garden is where Xialan villagers plant organic medicinal materials and independently develop and process them. Baicao Garden opened in April with a mix of science promotions, accommodations, catering services, flower displays, and greenhouse fruit and vegetable picking. 

Huatian Xidi "flower fields and happy land" is a Lingnan Waterfront Street with a bar and restaurants, B&B and inn, shops, street, rural food, and water market. Huatian Xidi covers 600 acres in Dongwan Village and has 24 solar terms gardens, museums, science fiction mazes, and Bailu Island ecological protection wetland. It is based on leisure agriculture, cultural and technological experience, ecological education, and health preservation. 

These are to form a complete tourism pattern of learning, relaxation, study tours, rural sightseeing, and high-end vacations. 


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