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Site of Nanping Union High School Party Branch


Updated: 2021-06-21

The Site of Nanping Union High School Party Branch is located near the residence of Zheng Rusen (1902-40), a local patriotic teacher and first secretary of the Nanping Party branch.

After the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War, Zheng organized the Nanping Youth Anti-Japanese National Salvation Support Team (later the Anti-Japanese Social Training Team) and served as captain. In 1938, he joined the Communist Party of China, succeeded as deputy head of Nanping Township, and organized the masses to resist the Japanese War. 

When the Japanese army occupied Zhongshan County in March 1939, Zhongshan County High School, Girls High School, and Normal School moved to the Rong Zhaoliu Ancestral Hall in Nanping and merged into Union High School. Four members of the Communist Party of China then set up the school Party branch.

Before long, the Nanping Party branch was established and Zheng often hosted meetings at the school to conduct anti-Japanese invasion activities. The site is now an immovable cultural relic of Xiangzhou District.

43 Xinshi St, Nanping Village, Nanping Town, Xiangzhou District


Site of Nanping Union High School Party Branch [Photo courtesy WeChat account: zhxiangzhou]


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