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Sam's Club, Zhuhai Incity


Updated: 2020-10-16

Walmart's first-in-China community shopping center, the 110,000-sqm Zhuhai Incity, is located on North Mingzhu Road in Qianshan area.

Big-name brands, including international ones such as Decathlon and Uniqlo, are among 68 companies to have set up shops in the mall. Popular domestic brands such as Zhuhai Wenhua Bookstore and cosmetics and beauty company Naturade have also established branches there. Forty percent of the businesses at the mall are restaurants or coffee shops, including the likes of Starbucks and Pizza-Hut.

Incity mainly provides support services targeting the affluent consumers of Sam's Club -- a membership-only warehouse scheme owned by Walmart.

Zhuhai Sam's Club features a large shopping area stocking approximately 5,000 mostly imported and its own brand goods. Specially tailored for the Zhuhai Incity, it has cut the goods receipt area nearly in half for a larger shopping space.


In an attempt to deliver a one-stop shopping experience, the mall also provides nearby families with diversified services and facilities such as a cinema, indoor playground for kids, flower and book shops, gymnasiums, communications facilities stores, automobile maintenance and repair centers, and ATM kiosks.


[Photos by Chen Pianpian]

Add: 338 North Mingzhu Road, Qianshan

86-756-6992608/6992609 (Sam's Club); 86-756-8604666 (Incity)

Buses 17, 31, 33, 42, 43, 687, 992, 993, 9996, 999, B5, B6, B7, B8, G993 to Changshaxu (长沙圩)


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