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Historic & Cultural Travel Routes in Xiangzhou District


Updated: 2020-05-18

Three official Historic & Cultural Travel Routes throughout Xiangzhou District are among 64 announced May 11 by the Department of Culture & Tourism of Guangdong Province.

Modern famous Zhuhai people in century-old Tangjia Town

Former Residence of Lu Mu-chen (Sun Loo Shee, Lu Muzhen) -- Shangzha Yichu Ancestral Hall -- Dong'an Mianshi Building -- Zhongshan (Sun Yat-sen) Park -- Gongleyuan Park -- Wangci Shanfang House -- Tang Ruizhi Family Shrine -- Tangjia Three Temples


Gongleyuan Park in Tangjiawan Town

Yung Wing (Rong Hong) and other overseas Chinese students in US born in Nanping Town

Yang Great Ancestral Hall -- Yang Paoan Exhibition Hall -- Yang Zhangcheng Ancestral Hall -- Yang Baoxia Ancestral Hall -- Yang Dongchi Ancestral Hall -- Guancheng Pavilion -- Yung Wing Memorial Hall (Former Zhenxian School) -- Nanping Zheng Ancestral House -- Former Residence of Yung Wing -- Nanping Hong Kung Temple -- Rong Zhaoliu Ancestral Hall


Yang Paoan Exhibition Hall in Beishan Village, Nanping Town

Tangjiawan-Qianshan-Gongbei Southern Guangdong Old Post roads

Gu Great Ancestral Hall -- Gu Yuan's Former Residence -- Mok Great Ancestral Hall -- Mok Tiaomei Ancestral Hall -- Qixia Nunnery -- Changnanjing Old Path -- Changnanjing Old Path Rock Carvings -- Changnan Three-Hole Bridge -- Putuo Temple -- Former Residence of Chen Fang (Chun Afong) -- Yang Pavilion -- Sun Yat-sen Memorial Pavilion -- Qianshan Stockaded Village Rampart -- New Yuanming Palace -- Yuyuan Garden -- Latashi Fortress -- Gongbei Lotus Pavilion -- Gongbei Checkpoint

Selected travel routes in Guangdong connect 461 revolutionary relics, cultural heritages, Southern Old Post Roads, patriotism education bases, and ancient villages and alleys in cities at and above prefecture level across the province, which is noted for Guangfu (Cantonese), Chaoshan (Teoswa), and Hakka cultures.


Changnanjing Old Path Rock Carvings on Fenghuang Mt [Photos courtesy WeChat account: zhuhaifabu]


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