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Specialty Foods

Updated: 2020-05-11

Doumen Double-Shelled Crab


A nutritious delicacy of the crustacean family, Double-Shelled Crab is characterized by delicious and tender meat. With bright luster and rich protein, they are nourishing delicacies well-loved in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Guangdong.


Baijiao Sea Bass


The sea bass is a nationally protected geographical indication product of Baijiao, Doumen. The sea bass has tender meat, a hefty stomach, adorable flavor, and high meat ratio. It has been praised by poets and experts and also has spawned the Baijiao Sea Bass Championship and the Baijiao Sea Bass Cup Prose & Photography Contest.


Baiteng Lotus Root


Baiteng Lake has been a magnet for holidaymakers not only for its beauty, but for Baiteng Lotus Root. Rich in starch, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, the fluffy delicacy just melts in the mouth.


Hengshan Arrowroot


Originating from Shangheng, Doumen, Hengshan Arrowroot becomes a milky soup with a light fragrance and delicate flavor when well cooked. Said to have medicinal properties, it can be boiled or steamed and eaten with salt and oil.




Growing in the Dashatian tidal land at the junction the sea and river, Stewed Rice Worm, whose scientific name is Tylorrhynchus Heterochaetus, is famous as a Guangdong cuisine. Soft and fragrant, it is brightly colored until cooked to a deep yellow. Nutritious and medicinal, it can be steamed, stir-fried, baked, boiled, braised, stewed, or deep-fried.


Dachikan Open Flame Roast Pork & Spare Ribs 


Roast Pork & Spare Ribs is traditional food in Doumen, so much so that it has been declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage item in Zhuhai. It not only inherits Lingnan roast pork flavor, but also presents unique sauce formula and processing techniques. The fresh pork and ribs of rural piglets are selected, pickled with sauce and aired, then placed in a special oven and roasted with litchi wood. Crisp outside and tender within, the savory aftertaste lingers on.   


Shangheng Steamed Yellow Sand Clam


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Steamed Yellow Sand Clam is a traditional food in Doumen, yet another Intangible Cultural Heritage item in Zhuhai. The wild shellfish abounds in the Maxi River, Lianzhou Town of Doumen District. The clam’s golden shell is full of meat. It tastes quite fresh and delicious after being steamed with green peppers, mashed garlic, salt and oil.


Tangjiawan Folk Refreshments


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Folk Refreshments are yet another Intangible Cultural Heritage item in Zhuhai, traditional in Tangjiawan. The refreshments are typically made in line with the Chinese lunar calendar, for example, Big Dragon Cake during Spring Festival, Luodou Zong (sticky rice dumplings) at the Dragon Boat Festival, and Taro Cake in the Mid-Autumn Festival each have distinct flavors. There are more than 40 kinds of refreshments handmade by peasant families. 


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