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Specialty Island Food


Updated: 2020-05-11

Dog Claw Sea Snail (Percebes)


Dog Claw is a hard-shelled goose barnacle, or Percebes, living in the rock cracks of Wanshan Island. Unmistakably shaped like a dog's paw, its protein-rich meat comes in three colors -- all delicious, sweet, fine and tender. It may be scalded, steamed, cooked in porridge, or eaten raw dipped in mixture of light soy sauce and mashed garlic.    


General Cap


With an abalone taste, General Cap lives along the shore rocks of Wanshan Island and is shaped like the official hat of a general in the Qing dynasty (1644-1911). The shell fish’s nutrition-rich meat is elastic just like an abalone's. Cooking methods include steaming in clear soup, steaming with mashed garlic, scalding, simmering with peanuts and cooking in porridge.




The precious Grouper swims around reefs at sea bottom until venturing into a cage en route to the dinner table. Blue, Red, Sesame, Ivory and other species are generally steamed to perfection.




Urchins are benthonic, living at or below the sediment level of the ocean off Dong’ao Island. With long spines and a weird appearance, its unique meat is tender, fine and smooth although its golden nutrition-rich content merely looks fatty. Generally, it is steamed with eggs or rice and has medicinal value.

Hengqin Oyster


Revered as "Ocean Milk," Hengqin Oysters are resplendent in nutrition and health benefits. These oysters are huge compared to all others, fleshy, white, tender, and crisp. Folks from home and abroad make it a point to fete upon them. Even before Hengqin Island became a booming economic zone of its own, diners would flock there solely to feast on its classic oysters.

Wanshan Prawn


Stewed, steamed, deep-fried, frittered or boiled, Wanshan Prawns are precious. Preferred by discerning chefs, they are large, tender and translucent as only those in the favorable waters of Wanshan Island can be.


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