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Kam Fa Birthday

Updated: 2016-12-02


Deep-rooted in Tangjiawan, the Kam Fa (Lady Golden Flower) Festival falls on the 17th day of the fourth lunar month. 

Villagers clean the goddess statue and the shrine on the 17th day of the lunar month, the birthday of the Kam Fa empress. They set up the table and place roasted pigs, flowers, refreshments, and other sacrifices upon it. Led by a venerable villager, women pay respect to the goddess and pray to be blessed in giving birth and for the safety of children.

Kam Fa Temple in the center of centuries-old Tangjia Town was built in 1779 in the Qing Dynasty and rebuilt in 1863. A two-room building with a courtyard in between and a hard roof, the temple has a central incense burner and is dedicated to the Kam Fa empress. Kam Fa Temple stands in a line with Templa and Man Mo temples at what is called Three Temples or Tangjia Three Temples. 


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