Development of teaching materials


Different sets of textbooks will compete with each other bringing a radical change to the old practice in which only one set of textbooks was used throughout the whole country and promoting the prosperous development of school textbooks.

Schools approved by the Ministry of Education for enrolling children of foreign nationals


Some primary and secondary schools in China are accredited by the Ministry of Education to accept foreign students at an appropriate age for study.

China's education system


China's education system is divided into 4 categories: basic education, occupational/polytechnic education, higher education and adult education.

Primary and secondary education in China


In China, primary and secondary education takes 12 years to complete, divided into primary, junior secondary and senior secondary stages.

Provisional Measures of the Ministry of Education for the Administration on Acceptance of Foreign Students by Primary and Secondary Schools


With a view to meeting the needs of reform and opening to the outside world, making it convenient for foreign students to study in primary and secondary schools in China and promoting the international exchange of primary and secondary schools in this Country, these Measures are hereby formulated.

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