Tianjin's educational services for foreign children


Updated: 2022-06-09

1. Which schools in Tianjin offer educational services for foreign children?

There are five schools for foreign children in Tianjin, namely the Wellington College International Tianjin, Tianjin Japanese School, Korean International School in Tianjin, Tianjin Sirui International School, Tianjin Xingguo International School. These schools mainly offer courses of the United States, the UK, Japan, and South Korea. 

Contact Number:

Wellington College International Tianjin: 022-87587199.

Tianjin Japanese School: 022-59895656 

Korean International School in Tianjin: 022-88295333 .

Tianjin Sirui International School: 022-83710900.

Tianjin Xingguo International School: 13702109921.

There are more international schools in Tianjin in addtion to those listed, for which please consult Tianjin Municipal Education Commission or education administrations of various districts at 022-12345.

2. What kind of visa is required for children of foreign nationals to study in Tianjin?

Students for long-term study can apply for a residence permit for study with an X1 visa; those who enter China with an X2 visa can have a short-term study.

3. What are the admission requirements for foreign children to attend public and private primary and secondary schools in Tianjin?

Primary and secondary schools in Tianjin enroll international students and file with the local bureau of education. International students can apply for admission to the education bureau of the district where they live, and the district education bureau should arrange the enrollment by the accredited school according to the actual situation of the district. International students can also submit the application directly to the accredited school, and the school shall report to the local education bureau after accepting the application. For an admission application, the following materials are required: the applicant’s valid passport, visa, overseas birth certificate, foreign resident ID card in Tianjin, and residence registration card, as well as valid passports and visa documents of the applicant's parents.

4. How do foreign children whose parents are of Chinese nationality attend school?

Children of foreign nationality should apply for admission to primary and secondary schools in Tianjin as international students. If the applicant was originally a Chinese citizen but has immigrated to a foreign country or may have Chinese nationality, the applicant’s nationality shall be confirmed in accordance with the Nationality Law of the People's Republic of China.

5. Do students who intend to study in China need to take the Chinese proficiency test?

According to the regulations on the Higher Education Quality Standards for International Students in China (Trial) issued by the Ministry of Education, "Among the admission standards for international students in China, the requirements on Chinese proficiency for subjects and majors using Chinese as the professional teaching language should at least reach the level IV of the Chinese Language Proficiency Scales for Speakers of Other Languages. For disciplines and majors that use foreign languages as the language of instruction, institutions of higher learning should clearly specify the requirements for foreign language proficiency in the admission criteria for international students."

6. What type of visa do students who intend to study in China need to apply for?

Students for long-term study can apply for a residence permit for study with an X1 visa; those who enter China with an X2 visa can have a short-term study.

An international student who meets the requirements for applying for scholarships should submit an application and related materials to the attending school or the school where the student will study in.

7. Are there any schools offering preparatory courses in Tianjin?

Tianjin University is one of the pilot universities designated by the Ministry of Education to provide preparatory education for undergraduate foreign students studying in China. Tel.: 022-27406691.

8. Do international students in Tianjin need to buy medical insurance?

According to Decree No. 42 of the Administrative Measures for the Enrollment and Cultivation of International Students by Schools issued by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Public Security, schools shall implement the system under which all international students shall be covered by insurance, and international students must be insured in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state and the requirements of the schools. For an international student who fails to purchase the prescribed insurance or get insured within the specified period, the school shall reject admission; when it comes to an international student who has been studying in the school, he/she shall be compelled to quit school or will not be registered.

9. Does an international student with a visa in Tianjin still need a residence permit?

Short-term students can study in China with an X2 visa, while long-term students should apply for a residence permit from the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau. 

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