Dule Temple


Updated: 2022-03-21


The Goddess of Mercy Pavilion is believed to be China's oldest wooden pavilion. [Photo by Gao Honglei/for China Daily]

Dule (solo) Temple in Jizhou's old town is about half-an-hour's drive from Panshan.

The temple, which was built more than 1,000 years ago, is one of the country's few well-preserved ancient wooden structures.

Its Goddess of Mercy Pavilion is China's oldest wooden pavilion, says Tianjin University School of Architecture professor Ding Yao.


[Photo by Gao Honglei/for China Daily]

And the 16-meter-high goddess' statue is one of the country's largest clay sculptures, he says.

Reconstructed in 984, the pavilion has survived 28 earthquakes, which, in the history of architecture, is considered a miracle. 


The 16-meter-high main statue in the Goddess of Mercy Pavilion in Dule Temple in the Panshan Scenic Area, Tianjin.[Photo by Gao Honglei/for China Daily]

Add: No 41, Wuding street, Jizhou district, Tianjin

Open hours: 7:30 to 18:00

Ticket price: 40 yuan($6.3) per visitor; 25 yuan for senior people and students with valid identification

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