Italian-Style Tourist Area

Updated: 2022-03-02

Italian-Style Tourist Area— the epitome of history and culture protection by Haihe River


The Marco Polo Square permeated by a typical Mediterranean atmosphere

Tianjin's Italian Style Area, with a history of 119 years and more than 100 Italian-style villas, has become the epitome of history and culture protection by Haihe River, as well as a bridge for economic and cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries. 

As the largest cultural cooperation project between China and Italy, it is also the only area with Italian-style buildings and Italian cultural elements in Asia. With presenting European elements as its theme, this area is becoming comprehensive international region with tourism, business, leisure, entertainment and culture. 


In the tourist area, there are buildings of different styles from Italy, including more than 30 former residences of celebrities in history. As witnesses of the ups and downs of modern China, the houses and streets there have countless stories to tell. 

Liang Qichao, a renowned Chinese scholar in modern politics, wrote his Methodology for History Research and other masterpieces here. The playwright Cao Yu, author of Thunderstorm, spent his childhood and youth here.


In 2015, the National Tourism Administration released the first list of "Trustworthy Tourist Areas in China", on which were 55 A-class tourist areas in Tianjin, including Italian-style Tourist Area, among 1,801 tourist areas throughout China. 

With advantageous geographic location, profound cultural heritage, and tempting investment opportunities, Italian-style Tourist Area has attracted increasing attention from both home and abroad. Receiving over 5,000 visitors each day, Italian-style Tourist Area has become a new namecard of the tourism industry of Tianjin.

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