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Updated: 2022-02-28

Tianjin Planning Exhibition Hall

Tianjin Planning Exhibition Hall documents the change of the city, demonstrates the achievements made in planning and development, and presents the blueprint for the future of the city. It is also a venue for local and overseas professionals, investors, and builders to deliver academic reports, for planning, and for consultations. Its effective area is about 10,000 square meters, including 16 exhibition areas. Those areas include Tianjin history exhibition area, master planning exhibition area, transportation exhibition area, city center planning model exhibition area, temporary exhibition area, Tianjin Binhai New Area planning exhibition area, Haihe River planning exhibition area, renowned city exhibition area, tourism planning exhibition area, public facility exhibition area, Eco-city exhibition area, a theater, and a public interactive area.

Add: Italian Style Area beside Haihe River

Ticket Price: Free for people with legal ID

Open Hours: 09:00 to 16:30 from Tuesday to Sunday

Ticket will be not be sold after 16:00.

Closed on Monday.

Italian-Style Area

Located south of Hebei district, the now Italian-Style Area used to be the center of the Italian concession and thus has over a hundred year history. It is the largest and only Italian-style architecture cluster not only in China, but in the region of Southeast Asia. More than 30 residences of late public figures’ are located in the area. Such people include Liang Qichao, who wrote a number of great works here in the town, for example the Approach of the Chinese History Study,  and Cao Yu, the writer of classic drama Lei Yu, who spent his childhood and youth in the area.

Jintang Bridge

Jintang Bridge is the only bridge in China that has an opening system of moving span. With a metal structure, the body and stairs of the bridge are made from thick glass.

The Yuan Residence

Located at the former Austro-Hungarian Empire style area, the Yuan Residence was home to the first president of the Republic of China, Yuan Shikai. It is also now the only building along Haihe River where people can experience the best river view.

Ancient Culture Street

Located at the three-river junction, Ancient Culture Street is an old street with a history of more than 600 years in Tianjin. The 580-meter street is the center of ancient architecture clusters and the Tianhou Temple sits at the heart of it. Tianhou Temple, also called Niangniang Temple, is one of the three most famous Mazu temples around the world. Shops are located along the two sides of the street selling curios and antiques, calligraphy, paper-cut art, and Chinese traditional souvenirs. Visitors can also find Yangliuqing Spring Festival Paintings, brick carvings, Kite Wei, and Clay Figure Zhang, all Tianjin traditional fine art products, all available here in the street.

Tianjin Eye


Tianjin Eye is a giant Ferris wheel on Yongle Bridge. The wheel is 110-meter in diameter and 120 meters in height or as high as a 35 floor building. It takes 30 minutes for the wheel to run a full circle. In good weather, the highest point provides tourists with a clear view of the city as far as 40 kilometers away. It is the only Ferris wheel on a bridge on this planet.

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