Haihe River tour


Updated: 2022-02-28

Jinwan Plaza


Jinwan Plaza is designed as a high-end commercial area containing theaters, cinemas, restaurants, shopping malls, and entertaining facilities as well as splendid modern and European-style architectures.

Tianjin Station


Also called Lao Long Tou Station, the body of the station adopts silver and white color design signifying a flying seagull.

Jiefang Bridge


Built in 1927, Jiefang Bridge used to be called Wanguo Bridge which means an international bridge. It is now the largest bridge that can be opened and closed and the oldest working bridge in Tianjin.

Dagu Bridge


As a feature bridge over Haihe River, Dagu Bridge was designed by eminent bridge designer and academician Deng Wenzhong. Two asymmetry arches hang over the bridge with the bigger one facing the east representing the rising sun while the smaller being the moon facing the west. Together they signify the bright future of Tianjin.

Golden Street


Golden Street is a place where people go for shopping, dining and leisure. Golden Street is 1.3 kilometers long and has become the longest commercial non-vehicle street in China in which the Quanyechang Building has been listed as the one of the national key cultural relics protection units.

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