Haihe River tour


Updated: 2022-02-28


The 72-kilometer-long Haihe River winds its way through the city and flows into the Bohai Sea, instilling vitality to the entire city.

Attractions along the river

Used to be a residential area for expatriates, the area absorbs various cultures and thus has a western style of architecture of which Tianjin Concert Hall has been the landmark of the area. Today Xiaobailou is a high-end business zone.

Jie Fang Bei Road 

Located close to Haihe River between Jie Fang Bridge and Jie Fang South Road, the Financial Street used to be the major area for numerous foreign banks and was thus titled the “Wall Street in the East”. Currently it still functions as a base of various financial institutions in Tianjin. The majority of the architecture on the street has a history of over a hundred years. Walking along the street people can feel the great development of China’s financial industry in modern history.

Jin Men and Jin Ta


Tianjin World Financial Center comprises of Jin Men and Jin Ta which include a super five-star hotel—St. Regis Hotel, and a 336.9 meters office building respectively. The hotel is a door-shape building, which sheds light on the name of Jin Men (Men stands for door in Chinese) and in the meantime represents Tianjin opening up for people from other places.

The Astor Hotel


Built in 1863, The Astor Hotel is the oldest hotel in Tianjin and the first large foreign invested hotel. In 1996, it became the only hotel in China that was titled the national key cultural relics protection unit.

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