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Expats learn folk art during media tour of Tianjin


Updated: 2021-10-22

"A Date with China·Hello Tianjin" international media tour started on Oct 21 and it will last until Oct 23. Expats and visiting groups have led the audience through places of interest, delicacies and other fascinating aspects of the 600-year-old port city.


Expats give a thumbs-up during the international media tour on Oct 21. [Photo provided to]

Tianjin is an coastal city right next to Beijing in North China. It is a balanced mix of old and new, abundant in historical and cultural resources and a major economic center with national impact.


A foreign influencer prepares to take a photo of the city's scenic beauty. [Photo provided to]

They visited the city's Wudadao area (The Five Great Avenues), where they learned seal carving and making Jianbing guozi (deep-fried dough sticks rolled into thin pancakes).


A foreign friend looks at carving art. [Photo provided to]


A foreign visitor learns to make Jianbing guozi. [Photo provided to]

Wudadao area is home to over 2,000 villas in various Western styles built in the 1920s and 1930s. With its rich historical stories and cultural resources, they once homed domestic and foreigers historical figures that have particially shaped the course of modern China.

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