Xiannong Courtyard


Updated: 2019-05-27


The Xiannong Courtyard was built in 1925 and is used by the staff of the Xiannong Company. The entire compound was built in a style that allowed lanes and alleys inside and were also arranged in a row outside. 

The building is arranged as a perimeter and consists of many units with reception rooms and kitchens on the first floor. On the second floor there are bedrooms, bathrooms and storage rooms. It remains intact more than 90 years after it was built. Famous bankers Tan Lisun and the famous medical scientist Wu Qingyuan once lived here.


After seven years of meticulous renovation, the old building, which was mainly used as a residential building, is now reborn and has become an experiential community integrating dining, entertainment, fashion shopping and cultural exhibitions. 

As a public art plaza for the Wudadao area, the Xiannong Business District has set up a bridge between artists and spectators, making the lively neighborhood a public art space that will be more vibrant, and able to integrate culture and art into urban life.

Address: Intersection of Hebei Road and Luoyang Road, Heping District

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