Minyuan Stadium


Updated: 2019-05-27


The Minyuan Stadium, built in 1920,is a renowned tourist destination in the Wudadao Culture and Tourism Area in Tianjian. 

In 1925, Eric Liddell (Chinese name Li Airui) designed and renovated Minyuan Stadium. At that time, it was already the premier stadium in the Far East. It was and is now one of the landmarks of Tianjin.


 In 2012, Heping District launched the renovation project for the protection and utilization of the Minyuan Stadium. 18 months later, a beautiful British classical style landmark building was presented to the public.

 It is positioned as "the urban living room of both Chinese and Western styles" , which mainly has public fitness, tourism services, special culture and commercial supporting functions. The indoor leisure sports area will provide the public with new fitness spaces. 

The unique cultural theme includes cafes, exotic dining bars and special food snacks which will allow the citizens and tourists to enjoy the leisureliness and warmth of the Wudadao area.


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