Italian Barrack


Updated: 2019-05-27


The Italian Barrack was built by Italy when the Eight Nation Alliance invaded China in 1900 (the 26th year under the reign of Guangxu Emperor of Qing Dynasty) to accommodate an army troop with 999 soldiers. Most of them were stationed in Tianjin, so in around 1916 (the 5th year of Republic of China), a grand barrack was built in the Xiaoma Road (today's Guangming Road) in the Italian Concession. 


After liberation, the barrack was utilized by the Chinese army, and then restored as the division headquarters of the independent division of the Tianjin Garrison Command. It now hosts the offices of No 1 Division of Tianjin Armed Police Force. 

The Italian Barrack faces south, and the original construction connects the Shuixi Village Hotel to the east, the Minzu Road to the west, the Jianguo Road to the north, and Guangming Road to the South. The main building has four stores, while the eastern wing has four stories and the western wing three stores. The barrack, with a grand entrance opening to the Guangming Road, covers a total area of 4206 square meters. 

The barrack is a typical grand Italian building in the shape of “Π”. It is the only well-reserved three-story Italian building of brick-and-wood structure in China. 


The barrack itself is a reflection of the historic lesson that is an iron-proof of the invasion of the Eight Nation Alliance. It serves educational purposes for the generations to come. 

Address: No. 20 Guangming Street, Hebei District

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