Astor Hotel


Updated: 2018-07-01


Opened in 1863 and completely restored to its original beauty in 2010, Astor Hotel evokes a bygone era. It is the first Luxury Collection Hotel in China. This treasured landmark has hosted prime ministers and presidents, and is centrally located in Tianjin’s progressive financial district. It is also a key national historic preservation unit, and the only hotel which has its own museum.

Hotel Information

Astor Hotel in Tianjin, China is the only hotel which has its own museum to tell the story of its illustrious history. It is China’s oldest hotel.

Astor Hotel was reopened in August 2010, after an 18-month makeover by award-winning designer Alexandra Champalimaud. The hotel is a 148-year old landmark in central Tianjin, and is now under the Starwood hotel and resort management group. The first Luxury Collection Hotel in China was built by British Methodist missionary John Innocent in 1863.

The Astor hotel has hosted many global leaders and landmark events. In 1879, Ulysses S Grant, Union army general and 18th president of the United States, met Li Hongzhang, a leading statesman of China, at the Astor Hotel. For a few years, Dr Sun Yat Sen presided over China from the Astor Hotel. Herbert Hoover lived in Tianjin before he became the 31st president of the United States and on July 30, 1900, Mr Hoover signed a major contract for his company in Astor Hotel.The last Emperor Pu Yi and Empress Wan Rong used to dance in the Astor ballroom.

The Astor Hotel features 152 rooms and suites with both Victorian and modern elegance. Guestrooms in the heritage Astor Wing yield gorgeous views over Victoria Park, opened on Queen Victoria’s 50th birthday. Murano glass chandeliers, floor-length silk draperies, a four poster canopy bed and original doors and paneling highlight the period charm of these rooms. Haihe River Wing rooms facing the river and the Astor have their own pier.

The Astor Hotel sits on top of the Astor Museum. The museum houses hotel artifacts and paintings which tell the story of the hotel and the historical events that took place under its roof.

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