Medical Service

Updated: 2018-06-29

Tianjin has always been paying much attention to protecting and improving people's livelihood, accelerating the construction of a Healthy Tianjin, deepening the medical and health system reform, taking a leading role in the country to cancel the addition fees on consumable materials, and effectively controlling the increase rate of medical expenses. 

The city keeps improving medical and health service system by fully implementing family physician signing program, and for now 3.96 million have signed up for the program. The city has realized ahead of schedule a direct payment of hospital expenses in medical insurance outside the registered address. 145 medical institutions in Tianjin have been brought into the system of taking medical treatment outside the registered address, and 240,000 residents are on the records. Tianjin is also setting up the guarantee system for major diseases. 36 drugs under the negotiations for price and administration by the nation have been included into the medical insurance drug catalogue.

Medical and health service system is in continuing improvement. By the end of 2017, the city had a total of 5,538 medical organizations of all sorts, an increase of 96 from the end of the previous year; there were 68,400 beds in health facilities, an increase of 2,600 from the end of the previous year; and 100,900 medical technicians, 6,000 more than the end of the previous year.

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