Application for Chinese Government Scholarship Programs

(China Scholarship Council)

Updated: 2018-03-16

- Applicants shall meet the basic qualifications prescribed in the Application Procedures.

Applicants shall fill in and submit the application form online first and then submit the printed application form and the supporting documents to the dispatching authorities.

The “Agency No.” needed when filling out the application form should be obtained from the dispatching authorities, such as the Chinese diplomatic missions in the applicants’ countries.

Applicants who have no internet access due to the limited internet service provided in their countries can request the application form from their dispatching authorities.

- Applicants shall fill in the Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship truly, correctly, and completely. They also need to provide supporting documents including photocopies of diplomas, transcripts, study plan, health certificate and recommendation letters. (Please include a photocopy of passport if available) For documents that are not in Chinese or English, please attach notarized translation of the documents.

- Application documents shall reach CSC before the deadline via dispatching authorities. Application documents received after the deadline will not be processed. (Please see Application Procedures)

- Application documents will NOT be returned.

- Please do NOT submit the original copies of diplomas or Foreigner Physical Examination Form.

- Dispatching authorities for Chinese Government Scholarship Programs are as follows:

Embassies (Consulate-General) of P. R. China in foreign countries

Embassies of foreign countries in China

Regional education departments

Chinese higher education institutions (Chinese HEIs)

Other relevant educational institutions

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