Scholarship programs


Updated: 2018-03-14

Chinese government sets up Chinese Government Scholarships for international students studying in China. Chinese Government Scholarships include scholarships for bachelor degree students, scholarships for master degree students, scholarships for doctoral degree students, Chinese language training program, general scholar program and senior scholar program. Furthermore, it can be categorized into the Great Wall scholarship, outstanding student scholarship, HSK winner scholarship, short-term training programs for foreign teachers of Chinese and research programs of Chinese culture.

Based on the agreement signed between Chinese government and foreign governments as well as the need of the exchange between China and foreign countries, the Ministry of Education develops the enrollment plan for international students getting Chinese Government Scholarships.

The international students studying in China that get Chinese Government Scholarships shall be subject to annual review of the qualification for the scholarship. The assessment is carried out by universities in accordance with relevant regulations. If international students fail the assessment, the qualification for getting Chinese Government Scholarships shall be suspended or cancelled in accordance with the regulations.

Local people's governments and institutions of higher education can independently or jointly set up scholarships for international students if necessary. Upon the approval of institutions of higher education and competent educational authorities at provincial levels, Chinese and foreign enterprises, institutions, social groups and other social organizations and individuals can also set up scholarships for international students without attaching unreasonable conditions.

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