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Updated: 2018-03-13

Tianjing Dijing Resort and Spa

Address: Baodi District, 40 kilometers away from downtown of Tianjin

Tel: +86-22-29667788

Profile: It offers an array of services including shopping, dining, accommodation, entertainment, featuring spa, healthcare, and ecotourism. Perched in the area with abundant geothermal resources in North China, its water can reach 96℃from 2,700 meters underground. The water is clear and contains various beneficial mineral elements.

Tuanbo Lake Hot Spring Resort

Address: Jinghai County, 24 kilometers away from downtown of Tianjin

Tel: +86-22-68578888 (Tuanbo Lake Hot Spring Hotel)

Profile: With a floor space up to 66,667,000 square meters, and a lake storage capacity of 180,000,000 cubic meters, Tuanbo Lake is called “Pearl of North China”. It boasts a rich resource of geothermal energy. The hot water is 82℃ containing 24 kinds of trace elements conducive to people. Precious birds like mandarin duck, willow warbler can also be seen here, making it a natural reserve for birds.

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