Jiulongshan National Forest Park


Updated: 2017-11-29


Once a royal park during the Qing Dynasty, Jiulongshan National Forest Park is now a national 3A level resort with an area of 2,126 hectares. Visitors can find warm temperate zone's deciduous broad-leaf, needle-leaf mixed forest typical in the north of China. They can also walk into a rare Platycladus orientalis forest in the north of China and a 5,000-hectare artificial pine forest. It is thus called a natural oxygen source. The park contains 147 peaks. The main peak Limutai is 997 meters high with a great number of caves. Longquan Cave is 520 meters deep. 

Add: Chuanfangyu, Jizhou district

Tel: +86-22-29742069 or +86-22-29742072

Open hours: 7:00 to 18:00

Ticket price: 40 yuan per visitor

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