Charming Hangzhou

Hangzhou, known as the "earthly paradise", is the capital city in East China's Zhejiang province.

  • Huang Qing

    Former deputy editor-in-chief of China Daily

    The “21st Century” English Speaking Competition is of great importance in cultivating pillars of the country and realizing the Chinese dream.

  • Tang Wensheng

    Executive vice president of Translators Association of China

    Each time I come to this competition, I am touched by the eager and earnest young faces that appear on this stage.

  • Hou Yiling

    Professor at Beijing Foreign Studies University

    Over the past two decades, the competition has witnessed the growth of English public speaking in China and developed into a leading one among its kind.

  • Wu Minsu

    Professor of the Communication University of China

    The “21st Century” English Speaking Competition is like my child to whom I cannot be separated.

  • Arthur McNeill

    Director of the Center for Language Education in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

    The standard of English public speaking at this annual competition is outstanding and seems to get better and better.

  • Lord Paul Boateng

    Chairman of the English-Speaking Union

    Congratulations to China Daily, to the people of China, their government, their universities, their schools, their education system for promoting English in the way that you are.

  • Liu Xin

    Host of China Global Television Network

    No matter how you end up in the competition, you will learn a lot during the whole journey. A good command of English allows you to roam the world without obstacles.

  • Sun Ning

    Deputy director of the Department of Translation and Interpretation of the Foreign Ministry

    Public speaking is a gateway to spread the voice of China. The competition changed my life 13 years ago; today, it will help you sail your life.

  • Wang Guan

    CGTN reporter in Washington D.C

    It is the quality of language and the depth of thoughts that matter.

  • Xia Peng

    Winner of the 10th edition of the competition

    The “21st Century” English Speaking Competition is a great platform for college students to showcase their voices and make them heard, not only for themselves, but also for their future career development.

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