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  • Wanfeng Forest


    Wanfeng Forest (One of the Five Most Beautiful Peak Forests in China)

  • Former residence of He Yingqin


    The former residence of He Yingqin, a top official of Nationalist Government, has been standing for more than a century.

  • Fangma Grassland


    Fangma Grassland Scenic Spot has beautiful scenery and enjoys the reputation of a‘highland beyond the Great Wall'.

  • Yunhu Mountain


    Yunhu Mountain Scenic Spot is the best point from which to appreciate the misty mountains in Qianxinan Prefecture.

  • Anlong Zhaodi pond


    The scenic spot is close to the county and surrounded by green peaks on three sides.

  • Swallow Cave


    Swallow Cave is 1,500 meters in depth, located at Luofan Village, Yanjia Town, 27 km from Ceheng County.

  • Jianxie Spring


    The scenic spot of Jianxie Spring in Zhengtun village is located at the heartland of Maling Gorge, Anlong Zhaodi pond and Wanfeng Lake, and is part of Maling Gorge, a national-level protected scenic area.

  • Liyu Dike


    Located in Tunjiao county, southwest of Guizhou province, Liyu Dike, an ethnic Miao village; has become a popular tourist destination in recent years.