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Anlong Zhaodi pond

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2016-09-13


It is located at the northeast corner of Anlong County. The scenic spot is close to the county and surrounded by green peaks on three sides. The pond was vulnerable to flood centuries ago. In 1694, Zhao Guolin from Xingyi Mansion raised funds to build a dam and separate the lake, thus solving the water trouble. In order to commemorate him, people named the dam 'Zhaogong Dam' and the descendants called it 'Zhaodi'. Later, local officials built the 'Hanxu Pavilion', 'Viewing Pavilion', 'Banshan Pavilion', 'Shenggeng Pavilion', and 'Yixiu Pavilion' around it and planted willows and lotuses. Over time the scenery has grown more beautiful.


After the "cultural revolution" (1966-76), the Chinese government repaired the Zhaodi scenic spot several times. In 1980, the local government planted many flowers and trees along the pond. Since then the scenic spot has become well-known throughout the country.  

Address: Zhao Dam, Mr. Eighteen Graveyard and Nanming Imperial Palace are located within Anlong County, 68 km from Xingyi.

Ticket: Zhao Dam 20 yuan/person/time, Banshan Pavilion 5 yuan/person/time, General Park 5 yuan/person/time, Mr. Eighteen Graveyard 20 yuan/person/time; full service from a sightseeing car 40 yuan/person/time, partial service from a sightseeing car 20 yuan/person/time.

Telephone: 0859-5210477