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New HR cloud platform lab established in Lin-gang Special Area| Updated: Jun 5, 2020 L M S

CIIC Guanaitong (Shanghai) Scientific Co Ltd signed an agreement with the Lin-gang Special Area Administration on May 16 to build and operate a new human resource cloud platform laboratory in Lin-gang Special Area.

CIIC Guanaitong is a subsidiary of China International Intelligent Co Ltd, a State firm involved in human resources and intellectual services. The new human resources cloud platform laboratory will use innovative means to attract talent and create a "flexible flow" in the area. ("Flexible flow" means talent can come and go freely through negotiations and can be shared in flexible ways such as the "long rent short borrow" system as long as they don't change the affiliation between said talent and its original unit.)

CIIC Guanaitong plans to create a strong layout for the new human resources cloud platform and provide innovative theories, data, and technology for Chinese and global talent to flow freely throughout Lin-gang.

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