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Xiaolongbao, or steamed stuffed buns, produced in Nanxiang are a famous native food. They have a history of more than a century, since the food first appeared during the reign of Emperor Tongzhi of the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911).  Read more

Yellow grass weaving in Jiading has a history of more than 1,000 years. Yellow grass woven products became a tribute to the imperial court as early as the Tang Dynasty (AD 618 -907).  Read more

Caotou Tabing, or fried burclove cake, is a must-try snack originated in Loutang town, Jiading district.  Read more

Shanghai's beautiful Guyi Garden has many attractions—waterside pavilions, winding corridors, a range of rare trees and flowers.  Read more

Spring has arrived in Jiading district, adorning every street and corner with full blooming flowers, as well as enriching the table of local residents with tasty and refreshing leafy greens.  Read more

The appetizing and tasty soup is a local specialty that has satisfied Jiading residents for centuries.  Read more

Kao, or in Chinese "烤", is a Jiading snack often made to celebrate weddings, building or moving into a new house, or getting admitted to college.  Read more



Great places to visit in Jiading

Great places to visit in Jiading

Two of Jiading's great sites, Jiading Museum and Hantianheng Art Museum, were chosen as part of the third batch of worth-visiting places in Shanghai.