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Baiyun Mountain | Updated:2017-01-10


Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area, renowned as the "No.1 Scenic Area of Guangzhou" and the "No.1 Mountain of South China", is one of the most famous mountains in southern Guangdong province. [File photo]

Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area, located in urban Guangzhou, is one of the most famous mountains in southern Guangdong, attracting over 20 million visitors every year. It is renowned as the "No.1 Scenic Area of Guangzhou" and the "No.1 Mountain of South China". The mountain, a National 5A Tourism Zone, is also ranked as No 1 of the Top Eight Sceneries of Guangzhou.

Baiyun Mountain is made up of more than 30 hills and covers an area of 21.80 square kilometers. Its highest peak, Moxing Ridge, is 382 meters high. The picturesque mountain is rich in overlapping ridges, peaks and freely extending brooks, constituting a natural barrier in the north of Guangzhou.

Tourists can enjoy a panoramic view of Guangzhou and the distant Pearl River from the top of the mountain. Baiyun Mountain takes its name from the floating clouds atop the mountain after a late autumn rain, a spectacular sight.

Guangzhou city has been nurtured by the Baiyun Mountain and the Pearl River since ancient times, and the city has also helped the mountain to grow in fame in south Guangzhou. Even in the distant past, Baiyun Mountain was a famous scenic area boasting a profound cultural heritage. Such scenic spots as the Lianquan Fountain at the Cattail Gully, the Rosy Clouds at Dusk on Baiyun Mountain and the Returning Monks of Jingtai Temple have all once been listed as the "Top Eight Sceneries of Guangzhou".

Top Eight Tourist Attractions on Baiyun Mountain

Yuntai Garden            Baiyun Dusk View and Mountaintop Park            Peach Blossom Valley             
Moxing Ridge            Luhu Lake, Xinghai Garden and Jufang Garden            Sculpture Park            
Nengren Temple            Zhengxian Rock and Mingchun Valley            

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