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Corporate culture

Updated: 2016-02-03 (cnnc.com.cn)

Enterprise tenet:

Develop the nuclear industry, strengthen the country and serve society.

Enterprise philosophy:

Highlight the nuclear cause, responsibility, rigorousness and achievements.

Enterprise core value:

People-orientation, dedication, being a champion in the field, security.



Always adhere to dedicated staff’s initiative, enthusiasm and creativity, be devoted to the common development of staff, the enterprise and the nuclear industry.


Always seek truth from facts, and proceed from reality in every task, considering the nuclear industry as the ultimate pursuit for the enterprise and staff.

Being a champion in the field

Always have the objective of being a first-class enterprise, and pursue the best system, management, R&D and talent.


Always stick to the guideline of “security first, quality first”, and prioritize nuclear safety as the lifeline over all the projects.

Enterprise vision and mission:

To make the CNNC a first-level international enterprise with strong development power, innovation and competitiveness, and endow it with outstanding main businesses, standardized management and remarkable benefits.      

Enterprise operation principle:

Openness, tolerance, cooperation, win-win

As the Chinese nuclear industry speeds up development in a new period, the CNNC will pursue new development through a broadened horizon and long-term vision in the market-oriented and diversified competitive environment, and strive for the prosperity and development of the Chinese nuclear industry within all sectors of society.

Openness and tolerance means creating a good development environment, and striving for extensive resources through innovation in ideology and methodology. It means to enhance open-minded communication and exchange with all parties concerned, and to respect and support companies in the same field.

Cooperation and win-win means targeting mutual benefit, extending cooperative fields, complementing each other’s advantages and sharing achievements to the largest extent possible. It also means forming a wide range of connections during the developing process of the Chinese nuclear industry, so as to strengthen its momentum and vitality.