Updated: 2016-02-01 (cnnc.com.cn)

Company Profile

The China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) is a large State-owned enterprise under direct management by the central government. It successfully built the first nuclear power plant in the Chinese mainland. CNNC has established a complete nuclear technology industry framework. It is a main part of the national nuclear technology industry and a leading element of national strategic nuclear forces and nuclear energy development. It undertakes missions to ensure national security and facilitate domestic economic development.

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Industrial layout

The company is organized into eight industrial sectors, namely, nuclear power, nuclear power generation, nuclear fuel, natural uranium, nuclear environmental protection, application of nuclear technologies, non-nuclear civilian products and new energy sources.

In addition, six supporting institutions have been established: a general technology institute, a general economics institute, a nuclear industry university, an atomic energy company, a financial company and a public information center.

Nuclear safety assurance

A good nuclear safety record has been maintained. No nuclear safety incident above level 2 has occurred in the nearly 60 years since the creation of the Chinese nuclear industry. The level of safety is internationally advanced. There are no missing nuclear materials.

The company is constantly upgrading nuclear safety hardware facilities, techniques and management specifications. Strict management systems for storage, transportation and security of nuclear materials as well as a complete nuclear safety and support framework have been established. A sense for nuclear safety has been intensified so that everyone feels him or herself to be the last barrier. A sound nuclear emergency system has been established. Overall, safety is constantly being improved.


A complete nuclear technology innovation framework

CNNC has established a complete and professional associated nuclear technology innovation framework that incorporates 23 well-founded nuclear technology research institutes as well as advanced facilities for experimental work. A complete scientific technology innovation management system has been established.

The technology innovation program “Dragon Rising 2020”, which includes eight demonstration projects for technical innovations and 12 significant technology improvement projects, has been  implemented.

Social responsibilities

Nuclear safety is regarded as a lifeline for the company. Great efforts have been put into the development of clean energy. Maximization of economic, environmental and social benefits, in conjunction with shareholders, has been achieved. Strategic cooperation with local governments and enterprises has been intensified. The cooperation is partly aimed at poverty relief in targeted counties such as Shizhu county in Chongqing and Tongxin county in the Ningxia Hui autonomous region. To that end, 155 care teams have been set up. CNNC is dedicated to social public welfare. 


International Cooperation

CNNC has been exploring some business opportunities of the whole industry chain in nuclear power markets along the Belt and Road areas and, as China’s only exporter of nuclear power plants, has already sold seven power units and eight reactors to seven countries and is in talks with more than 40.

CNNC has signed contract with Argentina on heavy water reactor and pressurized water reactor nuclear station projects; signed contract with France on nuclear energy overall cooperation; signed contract with Britain on cooperation in nuclear energy research and innovation center construction; signed framework contract with Sudan, pushing their nuclear energy cooperation to a new phase; has been deepening nuclear energy cooperation with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran and Algeria.