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The Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area has been actively investing in its ecosystem. To date, it has six major park and green space projects covering a total area of 8.6 square kilometers. Its green space coverage rate now stands at an impressive 32 percent.

The Liangshui River section is the sole area in North China to have earned the title of the inaugural group of national demonstration rivers and lakes.

The planned greenway has a total length of 108 kilometers, and is among the first demonstration zones for the city's slow traffic system.

The coverage rate of parks and green spaces within a 500-meter service radius across the entire area has reached 96 percent. The per capita area of parks and green spaces is 28 square meters, 1.5 times of the city's average.

It has become the only national-level economic and technological development area in the country to participate in the "zero waste city" pilot program. It has established Beijing's first "carbon neutral" smart park (Goldwind Carbon Neutral Park Yizhuang), as part of the plan to create a group of carbon neutral demonstration parks. The efforts have helped in cutting carbon emissions by 15,000 tons.

The area's PM2.5 levels have dropped to an all-time low of 30 micrograms per cubic meter, marking the best air quality recorded.

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