Rolex and the World Land Speed Record

Updated: 2016-04-07



The Bloodhound Project is preparing to break the World Land Speed Record with a cutting-edge, jet- and rocket-powered supersonic car capable of achieving the speed of 1,000 mph. Driven by a record-breaking heritage and an adventurer's determination to "confront and overcome the impossible", the British team behind the Project is aiming to encourage future generations of scientists and engineers. Rolex joined the Bloodhound Project in 2011 as the Official Timing Partner, continuing the brand's long-standing presence at the frontiers of speed.

The Bloodhound Project is one of the most highly technological global initiatives, driven by a spirit of extraordinary human endeavour. The association marks Rolex's support for projects that share a passion for performance and precision, as well as the commitment to pursue new technology and innovative engineering.


Andy Green, BLOODHOUND SSC Driver (UK)

In April 2014, Rolex revealed two bespoke instruments, an analogue speedometer and chronograph, exclusively developed and manufactured for BLOODHOUND SSC. True to its philosophy, Rolex combined world-class technology with exacting standards of precision and reliability to create these highly accurate instruments that will be installed in the cockpit of BLOODHOUND SSC. The instruments will provide a necessary visual reference and fail-safe back-up for some of the on-screen readouts during critical phases in the record bid: assisting precision braking from 1,000 mph on the 20-kilometre track and for timekeeping operations to monitor various systems such as the jet engine and hybrid rocket. The World Land Speed Record is validated and regulated by the Fédération Internationale de l‘Automobile (FIA), the world governing body of motor sport.

  • 2015 Lewis Hamilton (MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS)
  • 2014 Lewis Hamilton (MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS )
  • 2013 Sebastian Vettel (SCUDERIA FERRARI)
  • 2012 Sebastian Vettel (SCUDERIA FERRARI)
  • 2011 Sebastian Vettel (SCUDERIA FERRARI)
  • 2010 Sebastian Vettel (SCUDERIA FERRARI)